My experience with writing

My Experience with writing Hello there I hope that you are doing well! Now probably none of you know this but I now want to be a writer.  I’ve been aspiring to be an author for years , I’ve wanted to write books of fiction and poetry and health and whatever category crystals come under. … Continue reading My experience with writing



Seasons...Greetings?  Hello and good greetings to you. It’s an odd time at the moment and it’s understandable that this time of the year is a ...much different experience to what we are used to. Though even if we have to put specific measures in place , we can still make Christmas something magical.  Christmas, Yule … Continue reading Seasons…Greetings?


Change, confidence and worries

change,  confidence and worries Hello there,  I have been spending a lot of time on the internet recently . Through that time on the internet i have found many things such as discord and twitch. I wanted to share with you some little bits of inspiration and some lessons that i have learnt throughout my … Continue reading Change, confidence and worries


You are not alone in this!

I know that it's easy to forget that there are other people in the world who experience similar if not the same things as you. It is very easy to think that there is something wrong with you and that no one can relate. This post is going to talk about a lot of my … Continue reading You are not alone in this!


how to lessen Exam stress!

Exam and study stressExams can be stressful, we all know that. Some of us outwardly stress about it , we end up pulling half our hear out or biting our nails until we can't pick anything up . Then there are the silent worriers who try to play it off cool and act as though … Continue reading how to lessen Exam stress!


Self-esteem, confidence and self-love

Self-esteem , confidence and self-loveAll of what I have said above are different things, though they are all connected. Your self-esteem is usually hidden though it can present itself through your words and sometimes what you decide to wear, confidence is related to this as confidence is how you represent your self-esteem , though this … Continue reading Self-esteem, confidence and self-love



sometimes it's okay not to have motivation to do anything, though i also think that it's important in those times to make sure that you are still looking after yourself and doing some small things. perhaps if you are feeling down you could write some affirmations to boost your mood, because at least then you … Continue reading Motivation

My tug of war with anxiety and how i won it

My tug of war with Anxiety and how I won!  'Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom'-Soren Kierkegaard  Anxiety is like an annoying illness that refuses to go away. perhaps you can feel it gradually creep up on you or perhaps it just hits hard and quick. there could be good days and bad days but sometimes … Continue reading My tug of war with anxiety and how i won it

the art and benefit of meditation and mindfulness

The art and benefit of meditation and mindfulness Now there is a common misconception that meditation and mindfulness are the same thing . They’re not really, mindfulness may be an aspect of meditation but they are two different things. Sometimes the terms meditation and mindfulness can be scary to some people. I know someone who … Continue reading the art and benefit of meditation and mindfulness

finding light in the darkness

Finding the stars in the darkness Well we’re all going through a pretty rough time at the moment . but I’m hoping that this blog post will somewhat brighten your day. Or give you tips on how to do that for yourself and others. I’m not going into too much detail about current events because … Continue reading finding light in the darkness